Are your employees getting your BEST TRAINING?

Creating engaging and effective training materials can be hard. We’ll help you Design, Develop, And Deliver the best training possible.

Better trained employees do BETTER WORK

And better work means less turnover, more profits, and happier team-members.

That's a no brainer.

But even if your company or department has a training program, do all of your employees know:

Or do they go through your training once and forget most of it a week later?

If you feel like your competitors are pulling ahead, it’s probably not because they’re better funded or they have better people.

It’s because their people are better trained, which leads me to my next question:

What does YOUR TRAINING look like now?

Do you give your new hires a link to a bunch of bland recordings and documents?

And expect them to not only sit through all of it, but actually retain it and be ready to use it on the job?

Or do you take a new employee, have them shadow someone experienced for a couple days, and assume they’re ready?

What if the person training your new employee has a bad day?

The trainee might assume that’s how they should behave and they’ll engrain bad habits from their “training.”

Or what if they took the day off? Or were off on vacation? How well-trained will your new hire be?

Don’t leave your employees’ training to chance. Instead, teach them the same good habits using:

EFFECTIVE TRAINING that never takes a day off

How effective would each of your employees be if they had on-demand training that is engaging, interesting, and relevant?

And without wasting your top-performers’ time whenever a new person joins the team?

Instead your top performers could document their best practices, systems, and procedures once, and then go back to doing what they do best.

But there’s a problem: your top-performing employees might be great at what they do, but not at explaining why they’re great at what they do.

That’s why when you work with us, we’ll help you design and develop the training to verbalize all those things your top-performers know, but can’t quite explain.

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This has been crazy awesome and exciting… we got so much content done in the past two days. All the preparation, work, and encouragement from the Thrive team has been so helpful in helping us maximize our time… Today I trained up a whole sales team on how to sell and how to be effective. - Josh
- Josh

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Hours of Training

We’ll Lead You Every Step Of The Way

Whether you already have training programs you want to streamline or you want to create completely new ones, we’ll be there to help. We’ve been doing this for over 5 years so we know exactly what works… and what the common mistakes are.

Here’s a quick look at our process:


We’ll work with you and your team to create a curriculum that’s effective and engaging. We’ll take a look at your needs, collect info from your top-performers, and put it all together into an easy to understand, step by step training.


You and your instructors will fly out to one of our studios and get your beautiful training recorded on our Hollywood-quality set. Then our professional editors will put it all together into an exciting training that demands attention – no matter who’s watching.


And finally, we’ll build your back-end and put your training into a beautiful e-learning system where you can track each employee’s progress and where they can find answers to all the questions that might come up during their training.

What our customers are saying:

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“We went through a long process of vetting ideas with our team and them expressing a lot of concerns about what it would be like to make sure that we had quality video and quality course that really represented the quality of our brand and quality of in-person services that we deliver. So we explored a lot of partners until we stumbled upon Thrive Courses Studios. I can’t say strongly enough how thorough this team has been in making sure that we are prepared.”

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“I was excited to find Thrive Courses Studios… My experience was really good, the filming has gone really smoothly and way better than any of my expectations. So far it’s been a positive experience, I really recommend working with Thrive Courses Studios. They do awesome work. “


“I am here on this set because I’m shooting my third video course. I made the best decision of my life and decided to work with Thrive Courses. Within three months they helped me create, plan, structure three of our full-day boot camps and turn them into online products. I cannot be happier.”

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