Steph and Shay Schafeitel

Creator of “Discover How To Live In Love” online course

“We have been so happy with the overall experience, expertise, professionalism and the amount of over-delivery that they had promised us. Raitis and his team at Thrive Courses took what was already a great, creative concept for us, and challenged it to be even bigger and more expensive than what we ever had thought.”

Laurel House

Creator of “Love Actually” online course

“I’ve had such a wonderful experience working with everybody a Thrive Courses Studio. They have made me feel very supported and loved and helped me to not only put out who I am, but what I believe.”

Chuck Peterson

Creator of “Fast Lane Retirement” online course

“I signed up to create this course and it completely sped up the initial process. Raitis and his team is fantastic and we got everything done AHEAD of schedule. I couldn’t be happier with my experience. We had such a blast!”

Jeff Hyman

Creator of “Recruit Rockstars” online course

“It was amazing! Raitis and the team were amazing. It would not have happened without them. It was so much fun and much easier than I had thought.”

Lindsay Clark

Creator of “High Achievement” online course

“Having the support and enthusiasm right behind the camera and the amazing coaching I received from Raitis was so insightful and helpful. It has been such an awesome investment and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to take their ideas and share them with the world.”

Mitch Durfee

“Thank you so much for making this course come true. It’s been on my mind for a long time and I didn’t know how I was going to make this all come together. Bur Raitis, you literally are a wizard at what you. The way you coach people, and how you bring out the ideas we have in our head so that everybody else in the world can see them.”

Peter Knory

“I made one of the best decisions of my life by working with Thrive Courses. Within three months they helped me create, plan and structure three of our full day bootcamps and turn them into an online course.”

Josh Denheart

Creator of “Lead Volunteers” online course

“The cool thing is that I was brought into a team; and for once, I got to be the client and have somebody else take care of ME. I am so thankful I found Thrive Courses. This helped me create something where I could actually spend time solely focusing on my content.”

Rocco Cozza

Creator of “Seven Figure Lawyer” online course

“This was by far the most efficient and fun process I have been to. They made it very easy, very seamless, and I am SUPER excited about what this course turns out to be. It was such a great experience and such a great environment and the whole team was so fun to work with.”

Mike Wallach

Creator of “Purposeful Parenting” online course

“I stumbled apron Thrive Courses which was exactly what I was looking for where I could be the content expert and have somebody else and a whole team see my vision and make it come to life!” They have given me the framework and determination to get me from Point A to Point B.”